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Timeline / Marlui Miranda
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Carlinhos Gonçalves, Zeca Assumpção, Marlui Miranda,
Zé Eduardo Nazario, Mauro Senise and Lelo Nazario. 1979
1977 - 1979
Drums, percussion: Zé Eduardo Nazario
Acoustic Guitar, vocals: Marlui Miranda
Piano: Lelo Nazario
Sax, flute, and piccolo: Mauro Senise
Bass: Zeca Assumpção
Percussion: Carlinhos Gonçalves
Piano, acoustic guitar, flutes: Egberto Gismonti

I met Marlui Miranda in 1977 while playing in the composer Egberto Gismonti’s band Academia de Danças, which toured throughout Brazil. In the middle of the tour, we recorded Marlui’s "Olho d’Água" album at the old Odeon studio, at Bento Freitas Street in São Paulo, in only two days. Even so we got really good results, and I love this recording. Afterwards she decided to go to Xingu Indian Reservation, where she began researching and collecting indigenous songs, becoming an authority on native Brazilian music. "Olho d’Água" was released in 1979 together with Grupo Um’s recording.

Marlui and her ex-husband photographer Marcus Santilli joined us in the Grupo Um’s "Marcha Sobre a Cidade" album. We all were very close at that time, just before she went traveling again. After that, we also played together in the Pau Brasil group during the 1990s, touring Europe and United States. In 1993, we recorded Pau Brasil’s "Babel" album in Oslo, Norway, which received a Grammy nomination in 1997. Marlui also performed as a guest performer at the Percussônica concert at the Zildjian Day Brazil in 1998.

Olho d'Água (1979)
Marlui Miranda / Egberto Gismonti / Zé Eduardo Nazario / Zeca Assumpção / Mauro Senise
1. Vinho do Porto :: 2. No Pilar :: 3. Pitanga :: 4. Estrela do Indaiá :: 5. Olho d'água :: 6. Marimbondo :: 7. Grupo Krahó :: 8. Acorda Maria Bonita :: 9. Herculano :: 10. Sodade meu bem, sodade :: 11. Calypso
1979 1979
Marlui and Grupo Um, 1979 Marlui and Grupo Um, 1979
Diário do Paraná - Curitiba, Wednesday, May 23, 1979 - Luiz Augusto Xavier
The "Olho d’Água" album is as wild as the forest itself, making you feel as you were in the middle of the jungle, and all you want is to stay there. I have seen Marlui Miranda performing in concerts… but I could never expect that her debut album would be such a mature work. … its music is done with fanciful lightness… Marlui sings and plays acoustic guitar and percussion instruments, together with Egberto Gismonti’s Academia de Danças, which includes Mauro Senise, Zé Eduardo Nazario, and Zeca Assumpção, one of the most talented groups of contemporary music in Brazil.
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