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Timeline / Mandala
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Luiz Roberto Oliveira, Nelson Ayres, Roberto Sion,
Zé Eduardo Nazario and Zeca Assumpção
Drums, percussion: Zé Eduardo Nazario
Acoustic guitar, synthesizer: Luiz Roberto Oliveira
Piano: Nelson Ayres
Bass: Zeca Assumpção
Flute, sax: Roberto Sion

Zeca Assumpção, Roberto Sion, Nelson Ayres, Nestico, Nivaldo Ornelas, Balança. These musicians formed a band that used to play on weekends at the Caracol Camping Club, located at Guarapiranga dam in São Paulo by 1967 or 1968. Some time later, Zeca, Sion, and Nelson decided to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, returning to Brazil by 1971. Through them I met Luiz Roberto Oliveira, who was also studying at Berklee and who came back bringing the first ARP synthesizer to Brazil. They had some new ideas and compositions and so invited me to set up a new group we called Mandala.

The Indian culture happened to be in fashion at the time, so I think this explains the choice of the name. We began experimenting with some original adaptations and arrangements that enabled us to run away from the most obvious influences such as Bossa Nova and traditional jazz, and at the same time give emphasis to creativity. That work resulted in some concerts and a recording session, whose material was used years later as the soundtrack for a movie and then released on LP by Morrisom Records.

After the experience of Mandala I went on to play with Zeca Assumpção in the bands of Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti, and also in the Grupo Um. I also played with Sion, Nelson, and Luiz Roberto in different combinations through the years.
Mandala (1976, recorded in 1971)
Zé Eduardo Nazario / Luiz Roberto de Oliveira / Zeca Assumpção / Roberto Sion / Nelson Ayres

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