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Clique e ouça faixas de toda a carreira de Zé Eduardo Nazario, entre trabalho solo, projetos coletivos e participações
Timeline / Duo Nazario
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Lelo Nazario e Zé Eduardo Nazario, Estúdio Vila Cândida
1989 - 1991
Drums, percussion: Zé Eduardo Nazario
Keyboards: Lelo Nazario

In 1989, I began thinking of a new project again, and so I invited Lelo Nazario to be my partner, first because we knew each other very well and it was easier for us to perform as a duo, and second, because such a very unusual formation of drums and keyboards gave us a timbre advantage. We had done that before in the "Poema da Gota Serena" album, but with a basic difference. While in the album I used a lot of overdubs, in this new project I choose to play live all that richness of timbre of previous works.

We started to work on a couple of ideas, and soon we had created a new repertoire that made use of electronic keyboards and a variety of prerecorded sounds as a counterpoint to the different acoustic percussion instruments. We performed in concerts in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and also on recording sessions at Cachet Studio (former J.V. Studio) then under the direction of Gianullo family. Many years later, such recordings were used for the production of my solo album, "ZEN" in 1999. Lelo also released the composition "Nocaute" on his "Se…" CD as a bonus track.

Commissioned by the São Paulo State Symphony Band, Lelo wrote "Limite" and "Aurora" specially for the Duo Nazario and the orchestra, which were first performed at the Guiomar Novaes Week in São João da Boa Vista in 1991, and at the Latin America Memorial Theatre, São Paulo in 1996, respectivelly.
ZEN (1998)
Zé Eduardo Nazario / Lelo Nazario / Cacau

1. Flor do Sul :: 2. Acarajé ao Curry:: 3. Anônima :: 4. Vida :: 5. Energia dos Três Mundos / Só pra Ouvir :: 6. Pra Sentir e Contar :: 7. ZEN

"Flor do Sul," "Acarajé ao Curry" and "Anônima" were recorded by the Duo Nazario at Cachet Studio in September 1991.

Pearl Brazilian Team II (1998)

Various artists It includes "Nocaute," last track recorded by Duo Nazario at Cachet Studio in 1991.

"Se..." (LP-1989 / CD-2004)
Lelo Nazario / Teco Cardoso / Rodolfo Stroeter / Nenê / Paulo Bellinati / Zeca Assumpção / Edgard Gianullo / Zabelê / Zé Eduardo Nazario

1. Valsa (Parte I / Parte II) / 2. Anônima (Versão 2) / 3. Sete Léguas / 4. O Elo Perpétuo / 5. Se... (versão 1) / 6. Post Scriptum / Bônus (apenas no CD): 7. Dança das Águas / 8. Nocaute

"Dança das Águas" was recorded live at the Memorial da América Latina theatre in November 1996.
Duo Nazario, Teco Cardoso, and the São Paulo Symphony Band. Soud engineer: Alberto Ranellucci. "Nocaute" is the same recording included on the Pearl CD, recorded at Cachet Studio in September 1991. Soud engineers: Edgard G. Filho and Márcio Gianullo.

Pearl News – n. 2 - 1996 - André Jung
I will never forget that sunny morning at the Morumbi park, São Paulo, in 1976. In those days the military dictatorship imposed harsh authoritarian "order and progress" to supress political freedom. Despite all of this, one of the most impressive and libertarian music performances I had ever seen was happening right before my eyes and ears. Perplexity. The only other time I felt like that was when I first heard Jimi Hendrix. And on that morning, behind a small drums set (the first one I saw with a 18-inch bass drum), which was surrounded by a multitude of pots, pans, bells, and keys, a lean young man with a full beard played vigorously and with a wealth of completely new information. The result was a kind of an "organized chaos" made possible by his high level technique and interaction with other musicians. The "shaman" responsible to such a percussive ritual, the man who conducted that real sound factory was Zé Eduardo Nazario, and the band was Grupo Um.

Some years later, then fully involved by Grupo Um’s mix of avant-garde jazz, Brazilian ethnic music and universal music, I had the pleasure and honor of studying drums with master Zé Eduardo, who had already taught drums to so many people. At the time, I joined a group of about thirty musicians who attended his percussion and drums course in 1980 (offered again in 1981 and 1983). It consisted of 12 classes beginning at 2 p.m. with a four-hour class on special themes, followed by tremendous performances with Zé Eduardo and some of the best Brazilian musicians of the time.

Zé Eduardo always was a pioneer. He was the first one to transcribe various Brazilian rhythms for drums. Grupo Um was the first band to produce an independent album of instrumental music in Brazil, the wonderful "Marcha Sobre a Cidade," wihich was released in 1979.

In the core of Grupo Um we found the mysterious figure of Lelo Nazario. A virtuoso keyboard player and a composer of great talent, Lelo found in his brother Zé Eduardo a translator able to convert his complex music into percussive sounds, so expanding and complementing a disturbing and conceptual work.

In 1990, Lelo was commissioned by the São Paulo State Symphony Band to write "Limite" for the symphony band and the Duo Nazario, which was first performed at the Guiomar Novaes Week in São João da Boa Vista (São Paulo) in 1991, under conductor Roberto Farias. "Limite" also was performed with strong repercussion at the 10th Brazilian Contemporary Music Biennial, Rio de Janeiro. In 1996, the piece’s performance took place at the "Contrasts: The Music Creation without Limits," a special event at the Latin America Memorial Theatre in São Paulo. On the same event, Duo Nazario and the Symphony Band also performed Lelo’s "Aurora" for the first time.

Zé Eduardo Nazario also joined the Pau Brasil group, with which he recorded the the CD "Babel" in Norway. The CD received enthusiastic approval from critics, and won the Sharp Award 1996 for the Best Instrumental Group of the year in Brazil.

For its part, Brazil Percussion had the pleasure and honor of releasing the Duo Nazario’s composition "Nocaute," which opens the CD "Pearl Brazilian Team II." Just one listening is enough to recognize the style and strong personality of this top Brazilian musician, Zé Eduardo Nazario.
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