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Clique e ouça faixas de toda a carreira de Zé Eduardo Nazario, entre trabalho solo, projetos coletivos e participações
Welcome to the website of Zé Eduardo Nazario. Following you will find a little guide that offers you a website overview so you can choose the best way to access all its contents.

The HOME PAGE brings news about Nazario’s current activities, such as schedule of concerts, new recordings, information on special events, as well as press releases and relevant articles.

BIOGRAPHY offers an overview of Nazario’s career, including links to the main groups, artists and projects that have been an important part of his musical life for more than 40 years.

TIMELINE shows in chronological order representative phases of Nazario’s career as a performer, each one linking to individual pages that include group’s formations, accounts, recordings, and photos, from 1965 up to the present time.

DISCOGRAPHY lists LPs and CDs of Nazario’s work both as a composer and a performer, including covers and credits. The list is arranged in different sections: solo projects, collective creations (ensembles), and guest appearances on the recordings of other artists. It also includes a list of Nazario’s recorded compositions. Audio samples of some tracks are also available.

AUDIO brings the RADIO ZEN playlist that includes title of the compositions, main artists, personnel, album, and year of recording.

RADIO ZEN allows users to play more than five hours of music recorded by Zé Eduardo Nazario between 1972 and 2008, especially selected by the artist for this website.

A selection of PHOTOS illustrates Nazario’s career and family life from his first drum set when he was 12 years old and the early professional appearances to the nationally and internationally ensembles and artists he has been working with for over 40 years.

The VIDEOS page makes available a series of videos exhibiting old and recent performances, such as Grupo Um, Percussônica and Noneto ZEN. Other videos will be included.

CLASSES: Teaching contacts available here. Zé Eduardo Nazario has been a drum teacher for over 30 years, having a wealth of experience teaching drums and percussion in all music styles, and offering private classes for different ages and abilities. Please contact for further information.
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